Futurewize Outreach (NPC)

Making an Impact!

As much as 92% of youth in South Africa do not have access to career development services. In order to improve access to and availability of career developments services Futurewize established a non-profit company called Futurewize Outreach. Futurewize Outreach facilitates career workshops (career guidance, assessment and counselling) to various schools in Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding semi-urban and semi-rural areas of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


To improve the socio-economic participation and contribution of disadvantaged youth in the South African economy.


To provide professional, culturally sensitive career development services among disadvantaged youth, inspiring them to realise and pursue their career aspirations.

How can you Contribute?

Private Donations:

As a non-profit company, our success depends on financial donations. Know that your generous financial donation will go to work immediately in assisting disadvantaged youth in Eastern Cape, South Africa find a better future. Also, remember that financial donations are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act and other tax legislation. We will issue a Section 18A Tax Certificate for taxpayers to qualify for this deduction.

If you would like to make a financial donation to this meaningful and innovative community initiative via EFT, please see our banking details below.
Please use 'Futurewize Outreach' as a reference.

Banking Details:
Standard Bank
Branch: Rink Street
Branch Code: 051001
Account No: 080461085 (Cheque Account)
Account Name: Futurewize

Company Donations:

Companies donating money can receive Socio-Economic Development (SED) points. Should you wish to make an SED contribution to Futurewize Outreach, please contact us.

According to the BEE scorecard, companies wanting to qualify for SED points need to take note of the following criteria:

CompaniesQSE:Turnover > R5 million and < than R35 millionGeneric:Turnover > R35 million turnover
Maximum points potential that can be earned through investing with Futurewize255
NPAT to be invested to earn maximum points1%1%

At the time of your rating, the rating agency will need to confirm the following supporting evidence as summarised in the table below:

Area being validatedSupporting Evidence
Proof that payment has been made and that the funds were used to the benefit of black South AfricansLetter of thanks from Futurewize Outreach
Proof of race of beneficiaryIndependent person's report from a legitimate third party (school principal and life orientation teacher) confirming race of beneficiaries

In the month of your financial year end, Futurewize Outreach will provide you with evidence pertaining to the above mentioned documentation. This documentation will be delivered to you and includes everything your rating agency requires concerning your claim for SED points. Futurewize Outreach will also send you feedback concerning the impact your financial contributions have made in the lives of black South African youth.