About Us

The needs and demands of the labour markets around the world, including South Africa, continue to change rapidly due to innovative discoveries in information and communication technologies. This technological revolution is changing the world of work. It is therefore important that people give more attention to these changes and the multitude of new opportunities that will continue to emerge in this both exciting and challenging environment. In order to best meet the needs of our clients Futurewize is committed to keeping abreast with the increasing number of career options and the latest trends in the economy.

How do we do this?

Futurewize adopts a holistic multifaceted approach when working with clients, utilising both qualitative (initial interview, group discussions and activities, individual counselling session) and quantitative (assessments) processes to facilitate effective career decision making and planning. We believe that this approach best accelerates your career development by enabling you to explore, recognise and utilise your local resources in making a favourable career decision, one that will serve you well in the ever changing labour market.

Our VISION is to maximise the success and satisfaction that individuals experience in their careers.

Our MISSION is to assist individuals to effectively explore, identify, plan and take action toward achieving their career aspirations through the provision of professional career development services.

A word from counselling psychologist Kegan Topper

“What is the purpose of work?”

When I was in grade 11 in 1999 my guidance counsellor told me that “if you do the thing you enjoy you will never work a single day in your life.” That has always stuck with me. Work is not meant to be something we dread. It has so much more to offer us… especially when you are in a career that suits your personality, that being your characteristics, interests, abilities and values. It offers us the opportunity to exercise competence and excellence as we serve our fellow man. This in turn is very fulfilling as we find ourselves contributing meaningfully to the world around us and satisfying the universal need within each and every one of us, that being the need to find our purpose in life and put slightly differently, to live life on purpose. This becomes more challenging when you have not invested in discovering more about yourself and the careers that would be most congruent with your personality. Considering that we will spend approximately 50% of our lives at work suggests that investing in your career development may be the wisest investment you will ever make.